Albania Pavilion

Pavilion of Albania
16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
26 May – Nov 25, 2018

HAPËSIRA ZERO SPACE focuses on the liberation of the space on ground floors of Tirana, creating a city where the active participation and the sense of community take place in the forming of a lifestyle based on opportunities given in the zero level of the city. Curated by Elton Koritari, co-founder of EJAlbum, the authors of the project are Dorian Tytymçe and Forian Pollo, co-founders of Varka Arkitekturë, Jurtin Hajro, founder of and Enri Lekaì, founder of Fablab Tirana.


Tirana Municipality


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Photo Credits

Zero Space Pavilion, © Adnan Baci, Courtesy Pavilion of Albania at the 16th Venice Architecture Exhibition

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