Art Encounters 2022 | Electric Body @ Volvo Studio Milano

Volvo Studio Milan once again becomes the stage for the second edition of
Art Encounters, a format of events dedicated to the contemporary art promoted by Volvo Car Italy and curated by Mara Sartore which will take place from March to June 2022.

The close link between the conversion to electric power and the human body as a subject to be known, protected and safeguarded is a central theme in Volvo’s research and the pivotal point that has inspired the programming of this new cycle of events Art Encounters, which will feature performances and a talk on NFT.

The title of this new series of performances, Electric Body, is inspired by “The Body Electric”, a famous book by Robert Otto Becker, a pioneer in the field of regeneration, which tells the fascinating story of our bio-electric selves, relating the regeneration of vital organs to the electrical currents present in living beings, thus trusting the relationship between the body and the environment.

Body and electricity are therefore the two cornerstones on which the construction of the programming of the new cycle of events Art Encounters is based, featuring two performers: Elena Rivoltini and Michelangelo Miccolis; and two collectives: SPIME.IM. and Masque.
Beyond science and medicine, art becomes the spokesperson for this fusion between physicality and electrical energy, creating moments of research and communication with the public capable of highlighting the beneficial and spectacular effects of this coexistence.
As an appendix to the programme there will be a meeting entitled “NFT and art, bubble or revolution? ” to summarise and explain what the NFT phenomenon consists of and how it will affect the art world.
Through the Art Encounters Volvo tells about itself projecting the mobility scenarios of tomorrow: a journey towards the future supported by meaningful artistic practices.

Volvo Cars Italia places respect for the individual, the value of sustainability and research through innovation at the centre of its actions as a means of guaranteeing protection and care for individuals and the environment. Volvo’s values are also embodied in terms of active participation in society, and the Volvo Studio Milano programme is part of this.
Volvo Studio Milano: a lounge bar, a meeting place dedicated to customers, but also a location for events centred on the brand’s strong values: Safety, Sustainability and the Centrality of the Person. Everything is classified into four themes: Arts, Design, Music and Taste.

The programme:

Thursday 3 March
Barocco Elettronico
Artist: Elena Rivoltini
Elena Rivoltini proposes an unconventional vocal and musical performance project that combines baroque exuberance and electronic minimalism, creating a sublime fusion of seemingly irreconcilable worlds. of apparently irreconcilable worlds.

Thursday 31 March
Artists: SPIME.IM
The SPIME.IM collective synthesizes contemporary reality by combining human expression with technological technological potential in an ever-changing virtual world.

Wednesday 4 May
“NTF and art, bubble or revolution?
Guests: Andrea Bonaceto, Bruno Pitzalis, Domenico Quaranta, Serena Tabacchi
Moderator: Mara Sartore

Thursday 19th May
Artist: Masque
Project: The collective focuses its artistic research on the nature of movement. In this In this performance the dancer – placed on a high metal pedestal – duets with two Tesla Coil. In the contortion all participants give in to the will of an enigmatic movement, without beginning, nor fi end.

Thursday, 9 June
The Desire to Make Sense
Artist: Michelangelo Miccolis
Miccolis reinterprets dance by embodying a polyrhythm that comes from the memory of his own gestures. his own and others’ gestures that have been deposited in the body over time, following a repeated choreographic execution. a repeated choreographic execution. fi choreographed execution composed of disorderly steps and everyday gestures.

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