Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano

Six Steps Forward for One Step Back November 2019 – November 2020

Volvo Studio Milano presents Art Encounters, a new format of events dedicated to the contemporary art world under the curatorial guidance of Lightbox. This first edition addresses, in particular, the topic of sustainability and engages art professionals and the public in performances, sound interventions, exhibitions, and talks. The events, six Wednesdays in all, take place from November 2019 until November 2020 at Volvo Studio Milano, a location precisely dedicated to cultural events.

The title of the programme Six Steps Forward For One Step Back underlines the intent of Art Encounters: to move as many steps forward in order to stimulate reflection around new ways of experiencing our planet and creating opportunities for the confrontation between artists, curators and the public regarding the possible relationships between art and the environment.

The multimedia project Stato Sottile by the Venetian artist Matilde Sambo is the first event to open the Art Encounters’ programme, occurring on November 27, 2019.

On January 15, 2020, the documentary film Dusk Chorus will investigate the sound artist and researcher David Monacchi‘s project Fragments of Extinction. The project will be presented by the creative agency Threes.

On the third appointment on January 29, the artists Sunmin Park, Giorgia Severi, and Giusy Pirrotta‘s video works will present their different approaches to the issue of climate change. The event will be curated in collaboration with Andrea Lerda, from Platform Green.

On February 19, 2020, the Roman artist Giovanni Vetere will be the protagonist of the performance Talk to the Fish, revolving around the aquatic element. Immersed inside a water tank, he will interact with the surrounding audience during a talk, moderated by The Orange Garden cultural collective.

The last events of the series will take place in October and November 2020: on October 14, Armin Linke will present audio and video excerpts from his recent works Blind Sensorium and Prospecting Ocean in dialogue with Lorenzo Balbi, director of MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna. Wednesday, October 21, it will be the turn of artist Andreco and art critic Angela Vettese, who will comment on images and videos from some of his works dedicated to climate change, such as Climate 04 Sea Level Rise (Venice, 2017), The Plants are Revolutionaries (Arte Fiera, Bologna, 2018), and Climate 05 – Reclaim Air and Water, Delhi (India, 2019; 8’37’’). 


Volvo Car Italia

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Art Direction

Mara Sartore

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Lightbox: Carla Ingrasciotta, Giovanni Paolin, Lara Morrell

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Lightbox: Alessandra Bellomo

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Lightbox: Camilla Rigo Langé

Gallery photo credits

Matilde Sambo, Stato Sottile, Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano, November 27, 2019, Milan. Courtesy Volvo Car Italia |
David Monacchi, Fragments of Extinction, Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano, January 15, 2020, Milan. Courtesy Volvo Car Italia |
Sunmin Park, Giusy Pirrotta, Giorgia Severi
, A pathogenic practice. Around health and care, Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano, January 29, 2020, Milan. Courtesy Volvo Car Italia |
Giovanni Vetere, “Talk to the Fish”, Volvo Studio Milano, Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano, February 19, 2020, Milan. Courtesy Volvo Car Italia |


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