Giorgia Severi, Climax #5 Venice at Vino Vero Venice

Vetrina presents a series of exhibitions curated by Mara Sartore for Vino Vero and in collaboration with Lightbox: on a quarterly basis, internationally renowned artists working on the theme of nature are invited to present their site-specific works in the window of the wine club adjacent to the wine bar.

On the occasion of the eighth ‘Vetrina‘, Vino Vero presents a site-specific work by Giorgia Severi, an Italian artist working on environmental and landscape issues. Her multimedia artistic research is based on archiving endangered landscapes, including natural spaces and cultural practices.

Giorgia Severi,  born in 1984 in Ravenna, where she studied restoration of mosaic and graduated at the Accademy of fine arts in the same city. She lives and works in Italy and around the world. Her works have been showed in: Galleria La Salita (Madeira), Muse Museum (Trento), Galleria Studio la Città (Verona), 56th Venice Biennale, Museo Nazionale della Montagna CAI (Torino), Museo Diocesano (Faenza), M. Contemporary Gallery (Sydney), IIC (Sydney), GASC (Milano), Casa Testori (Milano), Camaldoly Monastery, Bagnacavallo Cappuccine Museum, Monogao21 + Magazzino Art Gallery.

For the #Vetrina08, Giorgia Severi observes the Venetian lagoon environment by relating past present and future: the sandbanks are a natural and cultural Venetian heritage linked to ancient local traditions and which represented, until the arrival of the climatic and anthropic interferences of the last century, an intact and balanced ecosystem where man lived and worked. Known for her works of frottage and moulded sculptures, born from her studies of restoration as an archival technique, which she now reuses in her practice to translate the texture of endangered tree species, rock faces that host melting glaciers and other environmental memories.

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