Lupo Borgonovo: Alix


On the occasion of the installation of a selection of works of art and drawings by Lupo Borgonovo at the Volvo Studio Milano offices, on 1 April the Milanese artist will be in conversation with Monica De Cardenas, director of the gallery of the same name that collaborates with the artist, and Mara Sartore, director of Lightbox and curator of the contemporary art programme at Volvo Studio Milano.

Borgonovo is an artist whose work develops through the transformation of forms and materials in sculpture and drawing. A process that is nurtured through iconographic research, archival material and movement in urban space.
 Combining and associating natural forms, historical artefacts and everyday objects, her practice mixes solids and liquids, existing and imaginary objects, refined and raw materials. The work emerges from a dialogue between traditional processes and more recent production techniques; through a metaphorical approach it explores the relationship between organic and synthetic forms.
The works exhibited at the Volvo Studio Milan offices are a series of oil pastel paintings, “Eis“, which rework two objects belonging to the Inuit tradition. The objects have been redrawn by engraving with a metal point on a previously painted pastel surface. The grooves left by the incision of the point outline the images of these two objects that emerge from the paper as if they were archaeological finds. Three papers from the “Alix” series will be exhibited; works that have been developed by working on concepts of symmetry, lightness, colour and material transformation. Their form recalls the wings of a butterfly or the simplicity of a cloak.

Borgonovo‘s artistic research is based on the use of different materials and languages, with a constant interest in archaic aesthetic models. This particular attention leads him towards a work of re-elaboration of archetypes often transfigured in their form through the use of a variety of creative languages.
The evolution of man and materials is at the basis of Lupo Borgonovo‘s research and is expressed through drawing and sculpture.

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