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My Art Guides, your compass to navigate the art world

My Art Guides are the ultimate and most comprehensive guides to the major international contemporary art events. Each guide comes in three formats: paper pocket guide, website and app both for iOS and Android. Each guide contains information on the most relevant exhibitions and events taking place during major international art gatherings including the Venice Biennale and Art Basel.
For each destination the Editor-in-Chief selects three prestigious names from the local contemporary art scene to form the Editorial Committee. The three members make their selection of art spaces, restaurants and hotels to be listed in the guide, guaranteeing the most valid and genuine of content curated by locals in the know.
The pocket guide has become a true “collector’s item”. The only guide distributed with Art Basel official material, it contains detailed maps, a “day by day, hour per hour” agenda and the index in alphabetical order make it simple and foolproof to use. Each guide has between 128 and 160 pages, and is divided into different sections: introduced by a citywide description and a guest artist’s interview, the guide contains info on the main event (fair or biennial) and its various sections, exhibitions and events in town, a top selection of art spaces, restaurants and hotels.

We have published printed guides in: Basel, Zurich; Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi; Hong Kong; Miami; Milan; Mexico City; Tuscany; Palermo; Paris; São Paulo; Seoul, Busan, Gwangju; Shanghai; Venice. To coincide with the first edition of Art Basel Paris, My Art Guide launched its first print edition in Paris in October 2022.

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