Pneuma at MARe

MARe Museum of Recent Art, Bucharest 04 September – 25 September, 2020 Inauguration: 04 September, h. 11:00 Christian Fogarolli’s Pneuma project explores mental health in contemporary society, the project develops in the light of the current global health crisis with the artist’s second solo exhibition at the MARe Museum in Bucharest. By exploring the immateriality and intangibility of mental illness, the artist’s research brings contemporary questions to the surface: are we still able to begin a process of de-stigmatisation and a reconsideration of mental illness? How do we view the binary condition that distinguishes ‘deviance’ from ‘normality’?

Christian Fogarolli


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Photo Credits

Pneuma, 2020, exhibition views at MARe Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest. Photo by Rareș Toma.

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