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My Art Guides Series 2021

Marie Denis: Spathes

4EST Suite at Volvo Studio Milano

September 2021

Avant Young 2021 | #safety

September – November 2021

Les Secrets de l’Opéra
PASE Platform

May 20-21-22, 2021

Primitive Migration from/to Taiwan
Official Collateral Event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

May 22 – November 21, 2021
Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice

Art Encounters at Volvo Studio Milano
Six Steps Forward for One Step Back

November 2019 – November 2020
Milan, Italy

A Room with a View

Interlude Project for Vogue Mexico


Pneuma at Löwenbräukunst Contemporary Art Center

Löwenbräukunst Contemporary Art Center and schwarzescafé, Zurich
10 October – 29 November, 2020


Art Charity Project for Palermo

Roberto Zamparo


Paolo Rosselli: Scena Mobile

Volvo Studio Milano
September 9, 2020

Pneuma at MARe Museum

MARe Museum of Recent Art, Bucharest
04 September – 25 September 2020

Constructed Situations

November 21-26, 2019
Venice, Italy


A project by Christian Fogarolli
STATE Studio Berlin
March 20 – May 29, 2020

Lorenzo Vitturi – Materia Impura

18th October, 2019 – 19th January, 2020
Foam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pavilion of Chile
58th International Art Exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia

11th May-24th November, 2019
Venice, Italy

Studio la Città: Recursions and Mutations / After J.M. W. Turner 1834 – 2019

8th May – 28th July, 2019
Venice, Italy

Majhi International Art Residency

20th July – 11th August, 2019
Venice, Italy

Ryoji Ikeda, data-verse Trilogy,
Supported by Audemars Piguet

9th May, 2019
Venice, Italy

My Art Guides
Venice Meeting Point 2019

7th–11th May
Navy Officer’s Club, Venice

I Love GAI
Italian Short Film Competition

Venice, Italy

Italian Contemporary Art Days in Dhaka
15th Italian Contemporary Art Day

10th – 12th October, 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Immersione Libera
Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi


Milan, Italy

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