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Miltos Manetas: Assange in Prison

7th Internet Pavilion, Gervasuti Foundation Venice
June 11 – November 27, 2022

Art Encounters 2022 | Electric Body

an art programme curated by Mara Sartore
at Volvo Studio Milano

Lupo Borgonovo: Alix

Volvo Studio Milano, April 1 – August 30, 2022

De Rerum Natura curated by Mara Sartore


Marie Denis, Elham M. Aghili, Ignazio Mortellaro,
Giovanni Ozzola, Matilde Sambo, Francesco Simeti,
Oxana Tregubova, Lucia Veronesi, Lorenzo Vitturi.

Navy Officer’s Club, Venice – April 19-24, 2022

Matilde Sambo, Subtle Instability, 2022

curated by Mara Sartore
Vetrina at Vino Vero Venice,  February – May, 2022

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